Gemstone Essential Oil Rollers (10 Pack)

Make Personalized Oil Blends For Your Loved Ones

If you feel like you could release some stress or know someone who seeks for a change in his life, enrich yourself with personalized oil blend in a beautiful little healing bottle! Our Gemstone Rollers are the perfect start down the path to healing.

Combining the powers of raw gemstones and essential oils, engulfed in a cute little bottle would result a powerhouse 2 in 1 duo suited for divine results. 

These variety of "Crystal Essential Oil Rollers" are more than an eye candy as they may be small but they are rich with cytophylactic properties that work to defend the body against infection, help uplift the spirit, and relieve stress.

Its portable size allows you to level up your essential oil game combined with your crystal's healing prowess. With the simple steps: Roll on, Smell and Feel Good, Repeat, you are set to get the best out of it and your daily life. 

why settle between smelling and feeling good,  when you can literally and figuratively have BOTH? 

Which Crystal is the perfect match for you?

Colored Flourite - helps in clearing one's mind of distractions and helps in learning and making important decisions.

Red Agate - a stone believed to increase one's love for life as well as passion and life's desires.

Tiger's Eye - believed to be a solar gemstone of courage, strength, and personal power. It helps stimulates the first three Chakras to aid in remaining grounded in times of trials.

Blue Agate - a gentle, soothing stone that helps improves feelings of tranquility to help remove stress and anger.

Pink Quartz - a stone of gentle love and ethereal beauty. It can aid in attracting love and removing anger and grudges in one's life.

Green Aventurine - believed to be a stone of prosperity, a comforter, and versatile healer and harmonizer. It is also known as a Stone of Opportunity.

Red Jasper - believed to be a stone of endurance as it inspires determination for tasks and responsibilities..

Obsidian - known as a grounding stone that aids in restoring stability when you are surrounded by chaotic energies. It also shields against negativity and hostility.

Amethyst - a stone which is a natural stress reliever that attracts infinite protection and growth. It removes negative energy while attracting positive ones.

Lapiz Lazuli - a stone that helps enhance your awareness and understanding of the truth. It is a great stone for meditation because it awakens your third eye Chakra.

Clear Quartz - a stone that enhances awareness and develops one's energy level and thought processes. It also assists in transcendental state during meditation.

Chalcedony - is a creative stone that assists in mental and verbal versatility. It amplifies the skill to learn new languages and improves memory. 

  • Specifications: Each order Contains 10* 10ml bottles
    * Essential Oils are not included

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