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A deep dive into the design.
The ring is designed like a Tibetan Prayer Wheel. The prayer wheel is used by many Tibetans every day to worship and this can sometimes go for hours on end. A worshipper will turn the wheel and constantly recite "om mani Padme hum" this enables them to accumulate merit and to purify the karma of all the beings in the world. Just touching a prayer wheel brings great cleansing of negative karmas and darkness. Turning a prayer wheel containing100 million om mani Padme hum mantras accumulates the same merit as reciting 100 million om mani Padme hums. In a statement by Lama Zopa, Rinpoche said: "To benefit sentient beings, the Bhuddas and Bodhisattvas manifest in the prayer wheel to purify all our negative karmas and obscurations, and to cause us to actualize the realizations of the path to enlightenment." 

  • Attracts Good Fortune and Blessing. The ring purifies the negative energy surrounding the wearer.
  • Helps Get Rid of Negative Karma. It helps eliminate bad karma coming your way. It lessens the hold karma has on the wearer and helps protect its wearer from negative intentions.
  • Remove Spiritual Obstacles. The ring is said to help aid the users' spiritual growth especially those who are currently facing obstacles their path to spiritual enlightenment. 
  • The size is fully adjustable- Tight it on your ring for a perfect fit.
  • One-of-a-kind. Its design is sure to catch other people's eyes and bring attention to you. 
  • Its Solid 975 Sterling Silver.
  • It features six Buddhist syllables "Oh Mani Padme Humthe Buddhist mantra said to purify ritual sites, safeguard yourself from evil forces, disease, and misfortune, and invite tranquility, economic stability, and luck to your home, mind, and body.

When a worshipper turns the prayer and recites the mantra, not only purify themselves of the negative karma but they also purify the negative karma of those around them. In this way, it invites good karma, peace of the mind and accumulates merit. It's selfless devotion to prayer and worship with the intent to bless other beings in the world.

Mantra breakdown:
When recited, it purifies pride and ego. It encourages kindness and invites generosity.
It helps in removing jealousy and connection to impermanent pleasures.
Inspires patience with ourselves and others. The syllables ma and ni combined, mani, means "jewel".
Removes our attachments to prejudice and judgmental tendencies. 
Removes our innate negative quality of possessiveness and helps in improving our concentration. 
It helps in removing our hateful aggression as well as grudges. 

Dear Customers, please note:

✔️ Each of the rings is carefully handmade with sterling silver.

✔️ We put much effort in each of our pieces just for you, so if the color/stone you want is out of stock due to high demand, please check again in a few days.

✔️The ring size is adjustable so you can fit it perfectly!

Material: 975 Sterling Silver
Surface Width: 10mm
Weight: 11g 

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