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      Rings & Earrings

      Tree of Life Crystal Ring
      Abalone Shell Stainless Steel Ring Tree of Color On Sale
      $29.99 $39.99
      Rhombus Crystal Earrings On Sale
      $22.99 $29.99
      Amethyst Crystal Pushback Earring Tree of Color
      Tibetan Mantra Ring - 925 Sterling Silver On Sale
      $39.95 $79.99
      Crystal Oval Geometric Ring Tree of Color
      Blue Sandstone Empowering Necklace On Sale
      $27.95 $49.99
      Boho Antique Moonstone Crystal Ring
      Moonstone Opal Drop Earrings
      Moonstone Water Drop 925-Silver Ring
      Malachite Crystal Hoop Earrings
      Hexagonal Inlaid Malachite Crystal Earrings
      Hexagonal C-Shaped Malachite Crystal Earrings